Update Late 2020

Hello from Lake Havasu Coin Gold & Silver

Thank You for 12 years of support in our community.

Physical gold coins and bars can be difficult to locate right now.

I have more buyers than sellers. With demand high for the yellow stuff, it has not only inflated the base prices of gold and silver but also put stress on the premiums.

I get it. Many people are Leary about the American dollar, and choose to put their dollars into a more acceptable global form. Regardless of the county you are in, for thousands of years, gold has always been valued as money.

Every summer I get people from Germany visiting on vacation and they carry with them, from Germany, a 100 oz silver bar. When they get to Havasu, they sell it and that is their vacation money to spend.

Many of us are continually worrying and planning for our future. Not really sure which way to go, trust your dad’s advice, “sleep on big decisions, and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

We, George and I , are here to answer questions that you may have.

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